from 6 years old

« what if children danced all the time? What if schoolyards were a stage of interwoven dances »

In the courtyard, this microcosm at once opaque and familiar, the children organize themselves, invent, fight or retreat. The space swarms and teems with actions, sounds and sensations.

By immersing herself in this space, Caroline Cornélis and her interpreters question the matter that is nested there.

Spontaneously, many components of the playground appear as valuable choreographic fuels: the game, relationships, asymmetries, relative anarchy, issues of power and domination, animality that sometimes wakes up in children, in the interactions that allow - or that imposes - the recreation.

With 10:10, the choreographer relies on this reality, concrete and familiar, to bring the viewer to a poetic and sensory experience. The latter prolongs and transforms the imaginary.

Mention of the jury at the Rencontres de Huy 2018 : For the Clarity of Choreographic and Musical Dialogue.