• 2021/2022

    • Training - Theatre La montagne magique Fifteen days of artistic immersion in the workshop rooms of La montagne magique allowed the 7th year childcare students to explore movement and trace with their bodies, with clay, with paper. Caroline Cornélis and Miko Shimura of Nyash - Compagnie Caroline Cornélis, in partnership with Nathalie Van Loo and Emilie Pessemier of Institut De Mot-Couvreur, took the students into unexplored territory. At the end of these two weeks, two public performances were given. The first one, in front of an audience of adults and two reception classes, the second one, in front of the children of the Actiris 1 nursery and their nursery nurses. The looks, the tension of the bodies and the smiles of the children spoke volumes about the pleasure they felt in front of these 22 big girls, their games, their movements, the objects/books. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)( PHOTOS )

    • Workshops - Around LLUM Workshops were given to the different classes at the school who were going to attend a performance of the show LLUM. During these sessions, Caroline and Frédéric, the performers of the show, made the children aware of the relationship that can exist between movement and light. The 20-minute interventions allowed the children to establish a link with the artists, thus preparing them for an accompanied immersion. Everything changed, not only did they know what a "gelato" was but they recognised the performers when they entered the room. A connivance that opens doors.
      ( Video )

    • Children's workshops - Philocité The workshops took place at the Saint-Martin d'Assesse school (in the Condroz namurois) as part of a privileged partnership with the Cellule Culture-Enseignement. This is the third year that PhiloCité has been giving philo-art-science workshops in this school, in 1st and 2nd primary. This year, we worked on the night, lighting and shadows.
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    • 2020/2021

      • Training - Magic Mountain Theater 3 days of workshop and meeting with the language of dance for the internal team of Théâtre La montagne Magique.
        ( PHOTOS )

      • Training - Theater The Magic Mountain and the Francisco Ferrer School 4-day training (20h) for 1 class of future physical education teachers.( PHOTOS )

      • Voluntary training for teachers under the CECP - Ekla and CECP (canceled due to Covid) Offer cultural and artistic education activities to my class. ( www.eklapourtous.be )

      • Teacher training - Pierre de Lune (canceled due to Covid)
        ( www.eklapourtous.be )

      • Training for teachers, artists and cultural mediators – Pierre de Lune
        ( www.pierredelune.be )

      • Around “Llum” - Ekla and Théâtre de Namur (canceled Cause Covid) For kindergarten teachers. Why and how to support its students in the discovery of the Performing Arts?

    • 2019/2020

      • Symposium - The Present and the future of Dance For Young Audience - Seoul at the invitation of the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company (KNCDC), and in collaboration with the Théâtre de Liège, Caroline Cornélis was invited to a conference on dance for young audiences.
        Her intervention "Dance for young audience, artistic's choice" was based on the development of the sector in Belgium with a history of theater for young audiences as well as the sharing of its work, the company's creation processes and its experience. ( PHOTOS )

      • Workshop choreographer - KNCDC – Séoul Concrete to abstraction: 2 days of workshop offered as part of Caroline's visit to Seoul for choreographers interested in developing dance work for young audiences. ( PHOTOS )

      • Parent / child workshop - KNDCD - Seoul Psychomotor, sensory and relational awakening.

      • School dance project - Ekla / Center Culturel de Perwez and Jean-Paul II school (canceled in part due to Covid) Second year of the partnership with the teachers and their third kindergarten class.

      • training - Pierre de Lune et haute école Fransisco Ferrer (annulée cause Covid) Danse et arts plastiques

    • 2018/2019

      • School dance project - Ekla/ Centre Culturel de Perwez et l’école Jean-Paul II Two-year partnership with teachers and their kindergarten class.

      • School dance project - Montagne Magique et l’école Eclusier Cogge Kindergarten third